Friday, 17 July 2009

Wedding Photo Shoot At Lytham Hall

Lytham Hall came together with Jonny Draper, Flower Design, S+P Hair and DreamCatcher on a big photo shoot to provide you with an idea of the look you can achieve on your wedding day.

The stunning dresses from Dream Catcher are being modeled by the beautiful Ella from Pure Beauty and Erica.

The beautiful bouquets by Flower Design complimenting every dress, and photos taken by Jonny Draper truly capturing the elegance of the Hall.
This gorgeous collection of dresses works so well and is complimented by the natural beauty of the Hall itself.

Here we have a picture of the very beautiful Ella, walking down the main stairs in a stunning red wedding dress. The stair case has been decorated beautifully for a wedding.

Here is a stunning picture, taking great advantage of the natural beauty provided by the grounds.

A big thank you to Jonny Draper (who took all of these amazing pictures!), Jane and the team at Flower Design, Gill and Georgina at DreamCatcher, Stewart from S and P hair and Ella and Erica for being our models.

This blog was created for us by Savannah Clitheroe who is a work experience student with us for the week. She is really interested in photography and loved looking through all Jonny's pictures to put this together for us. Please leave her a comment on her work. Thanks Savannah :)

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Jonny Draper Photography said...

Nice work Savannah! Good choice of shots and thanks very much for the kind words!